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Do you want to explore the city of Stockholm while attending the conference? Here is information about public transport as well as some of the most popular attractions.

Stockholm Public Transport (SL) is a convenient way to travel when exploring the capital of Sweden. SL is responsible for buses, underground trains, commuter trains, trams and certain ferry lines in Greater Stockholm. Tickets can be purchased at SL Centers, underground platform barriers or newsagent kiosks. There are two types of SL tickets: travelcards and zone tickets. For more information, go to

Stockholm Tourist Center
Vasagatan 14 is the location of the tourist information centre. You will receive personal service and help with most anything to do with your stay in Stockholm. They point out things you don’t want to miss, offer tips, advice, and inspiration and they will help you book rooms and guided tours, or simply show you how to get to places. They also sell tickets to events as well as the Stockholm Card, which allows free travel and free entry to 80 museums and attractions in the city.

Stockholm Tourist Centre
Vasagatan 14
111 20 Stockholm
+46 (0) 8-508 28 508

Drottningholm Court Theatre
The Drottningholm Court Theatre is the best preserved 18th century theatre in Europe. A unique attraction with its original scenery, 200-year old stage machinery and interior decoration virtually untouched by the passage of time. Guided tours only. Opera and ballet performances are available May–August. For more information visit Drottningholm Court Theatre website:

Fotografiska is one of the world’s largest meeting places for contemporary photography. Fotografiska presents four unique large exhibitions and about 20 smaller exhibitions annually. For more information, go to

Strömma Boat Tours
With Strömma tours, you can easily discover Stockholm both from land or from water. A sightseeing tour by boat is a great way to get to know the city.
For more information, visit

Stockholm Culture Festival 14 – 19 August 2012
Stockholm Culture Festival fills streets and squares with all kinds of art and events in all genres, for all ages. The festival presents 600 events during six days, in the middle of the city centre and with free admission. The theme this year is August Strindberg, one of Sweden’s most celebrated writers, who past away 100 years ago. More information on the festival’s official website,

At Skansen you can learn about traditional crafts and cultural traditions. This is the place to visit historic Sweden in miniature. You can also see all of the animals native to Scandinavia such as moose, bears, lynxes, wolves, wolverines and seals. There is also a terrarium, a monkey house and a children’s zoo. Skansen has several restaurants and charming cafés. Fore more information, visit

SkyView is one of the most remarkable attractions in Sweden. A gondola made of glass takes you up along the outside of the Ericsson Globe – the largest spherical building in the world. For more information, go to

The Vasa Museum
Scandinavia’s most visited museum is built around one of the world’s foremost art treasures: the Vasa, the only preserved ship in the world from the 1600s. More than 95 percent of the ship is original, and it is decorated with hundreds of carved sculptures. The 69 meter-long warship Vasa sank on its maiden voyage in the middle of Stockholm in 1628, and was salvaged in 1961. For more information, go to


You will find all of the information above and much more at Stockholm Visitors Board official website: