Living costs

Lunch and coffee/tea is included in the conference participation fee. However, you need to pay for dinner and other activities outside of the conference yourself. Here are some basic examples of prices of common articles and transportation tickets in Stockholm that you may need during your stay. All examples are in SEK (Swedish kronor), and the prices may of course vary.


Example of living costs in Sweden:

Return ticket to the city centre from and to Arlanda Airport by Airport Coach: 198 kr
Single journey ticket for public transportation (if bought in a ticket machine): from 36 kr
One 72-hour ticket: 230 kr
8 Journey-strip: 200 kr
7-day transportation card: 300 kr

Food and drinks:
Dinner at a restaurant in the city (middle price range): 300-500 kr per person
Glass of wine: 65-100 kr, beer: 40-60 kr
Cup of coffee: 25-35 kr
Bottle of water: 20-25 kr
Normal lunch prices: 75-100 kr
Big Mac Menu at McDonald’s: around 55 kr